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Canopy Tour

Rapidly gaining a reputation throughout Panama as one of the finest canopy tour sites operating in the country, Panama Outdoor Adventures in Rio Piedra in the Province of Colon features 9 cables along its course of tree-top zip-lines.
Each span sends the guest soaring through the jungle at heights that only the tree dwellers of the canopy can experience. The longest line on the tour is 225 meters long and provides a glimpse of one of the most stunning views of the jungle in the region.

Along the way, there are opportunities to take in the incredible variety of life that makes up the canopy environment.

Aside from the magnificent trees themselves, countless plants thrive on limbs and vines, twisting and weaving through the forest in mazes of vibrant foliage.

Canopy Tour & River Tubing - Combo package

- 1 day tour
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Gamboa Jungle Tour

Jungle Land Panama offers Panama Tours & Lodging. Our Panama Canal
Day Adventure is a full day Eco Tour, that will allow you to truly live
the Panama Canal experience. Visit Monkey Island, witness the expansion
of the Panama Canal and become acquainted with Panama amazing animals
and flora.

The Emberá Tripe Tour

Humpback Whale watching Panama

While we were fishing in las perlas, a group of whales just appeared from nowhere and gave us an amazing day.

Gamboa Resort

Panama Travel  Adventure 2016
- Xiaomi Yi

 Panama has much more to offer than just the Panama Canal.
On my journey I discovered so many hidden treasures and I feel that there is still much more left to explore.

Skydiving in Isla Contadora

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Diving in Isla Coiba

Panama has much more to offer than just the Panama Canal.
Discover the Unesco world heritage National Park Coiba with us one of the 10 best dive spots in the world